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After completing the roll out of 6 new clusters, I will be upgrading our 5 current clusters to 6.5 and tying them all into the same prism central.
I've register Nutanix Community id twice, and got a reply mail "Your Nutanix Community Edition Is Ready!", but it still show me the message "Login failed. Please contact https://mailto:portal-accounts@nutanix.com?Subject=[Support Portal." when I login.

We are a reseller and service partner in HCI, I plan to build a small nutanix cluster for demo and internal training, but I can't get the comunity edition software successfully. pls give me a hand, many thanks!
e ha hello. i am a newer

Newcomer, learning about HCI, Nutanix.
Currently working on few infrastructure projects, one is the building of an openstack from scratch, another is Dell Infra with VMWare environment + ESET Virtualization security.

GCP user as well, so I'm interested in Beam.
whenever I click on Nutanix Community Edition
It forwards page to Join now, when I try Log in, it returns to portal with error

Login failed. Please contact https://mailto:portal-accounts@nutanix.com?Subject=[Support Portal.
Hi everybody from Nutanix´Community. I hope you are all doing well.
My name is Ricardo and I´m from São Paulo in Brazil. Just joined the community.
I work for a company named Extreme Digital and we are Nutanix´ reseller.
Whiling to learn a lot more about Nutanix´products and solutions.
Nice to be here. Hope to interact a lot with all of you.
Best regards.
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Welcome @rmcunha - we are excited you joined us. Will you be at .NEXT London? If yes, look forward to meeting you in person 👍
aluciani wrote:

Welcome @rmcunha - we are excited you joined us. Will you be at .NEXT London? If yes, look forward to meeting you in person 👍

Hi @aluciani thanks for welcoming me. Unfortunately I won´t be for the event in London. But I did attend to .NEXT on Tour here in São Paulo which was on the 19th of September.
It was such a great event. Really good. Good speeches and good presentations.
Hello! We are a small ASP in Austria done KVM manually so far. Moved to Nutanix Cluster/AHV and try out things in our CE in Office. So far we migrated Office servers totally to the CE - with some problems with multicast on the CE. We like the concept of Dataprotection for desaster recovery the huge I/O boost. Can't wait to migrate our DB cluster to the Nutanix Cluster as soon as the network will be ready for Multisite.
Hi All,

I has just joined into this community group. How to learn from you all 🙂
Hello Nutanix community,
i am new here and i want to download the community edition to explore the power of nutanix, please can someone guide me.

Hi everyone,

I'm designing an integration with Nutanix to create a "manager of managers" application. I'm looking for a publicly accessible lab running Nutanix so that I can read data from the APIs for development and testing purposes. Does anyone know of anything like this?

As my purpose is to report data from Nutanix and not working with Nutanix directly, building a lab, implementing Nutanix and then creating data/VM moves, etc. is a significant burden that is not really on my development path. Can anyone steer me in the direction of some resources?

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Welcome to the community @schoberw Hope to see you here often. One thing to keep in mind is that CE or community edition is not for production systems. 🙂

It's a great way to get a feel for the product - hope you are enjoying it so far.

I'll be at .NEXT London - hope you can make it out
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Welcome @Loon - we are glad you joined and let me know how I can help in any way.

Hope to see you in London for .NEXT 👍
Hi Aluciani,

I am having project to migrate HyperV to a new Nutanix AHV. May I know is there any steps that I should take precautions. Thank you.

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Hi @Loon

In this case it's best to work with your account team and local SE.

Here is a blog that might be helpful - Migrate Hyper-V 2012R2 VMs To Nutanix AHV and Migrate Windows 2012R2 from Hyper-v to Nutanix AHV
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Hi @kelechi

You can register for CE and have two ways to try it:
  • Test drive in the Cloud or
  • Download and install in a homelab
Follow this link - https://www.nutanix.com/products/community-edition/

I work as Nutanix end user, My system contains 5 nodes.
Now I'm looking up documents, KB,comunity edition software here.
Hi, i am new in virtualization! Nice to meet you
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Great to hear @Zhi Hua

You can find a lot of community content here and you can leverage the support portal for KBs and documents, etc - let me know if I can help.

It's also good to see you here @HiepTrHoang - I'm looking forward to your community contributions.
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Hi I'm testing Files as a location for redirected Appdata after seeing the EUC super session at .NEXT London. Great event!