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In migrating from Hypervisor vsphere to AHV.

We share the same project in the company and it is really exciting

In migrating from Hypervisor vsphere to AHV.

Implementing Nutanix Flow! Exciting! 

As Nutanix is a recent addition to or infrastructure, we are driving more and more user adoption on this platform.

I'm working on migrating from 3PAR to AHV

Requirements gathering and understanding of our Nutanix needs for this financial years Nutanix renewals considering our Hyper-v to AHV conversation journey and disaster recovery strategies.

Move all virtual machines from VMWare ESXi to Nutanix

Implementing Nutanix Flow. 

Trying to understand more detail about Nutanix and it’s CALM feature to start some automation stuff

Working on Nutanix automation using the Prism Central API.

Our current initiatives are deploying a new cluster to a second location for disaster recovery using the built in replication mechanisms.

The second is deploying a VDI initiative utilizing hypterV and MS RDS, the pilot the project is without Citrix to see if MS is viable on its own.

Compliance Scanning of the enviromnent  

Busy working on a hot DR .

DELL EMC XC series

Hi Team,

My scope of work is mostly on implementation & configuration, working on Nutanix Files, Migrating VM’s from Hyper-v to AHV & VMware to AHV. Trying to put some hands on Kubernetes & Nutanix ERA.

Hope I will learn more and more here.



hello, im still learning nutanix.

I like this community。

We are currently deploying a new Nutanix cluster.

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Preparing everything to deploy Nutanix Frame on our company!

Currently trying to optimize Nutanix hardware performance with VDI on VMware View ! 

Working on migration to Nutanix Files.

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Hi Sir,

I am Allen. Glad to join this community

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Migrating our Hyper-V guest Vm’s to Nutanix. 

Training a new Nutanix admin!

Upgrading all the guest tools on VMs on AHV

Working on Automation using RHEL running on AHV!