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I went to .Next last month and recently finished the online training for ECA 5.5. Looking to take my NCP exam next.
Creating VM Images for Prism Central
Currently we are working on upgrading our Nutanix ESXi hosts to 6.7 so we can begin to take advantage of DRS in conjunction with nVIDIA GRID vgfx. We've also just recently upgrade to the latest AOS version in the LTS chain and are thoroughly impressed by the graphical enhancements and information more readily available on demand.
Just completed Nutanix POC with my new company and we finalizing migration and new deployment
Working on resolving blacklisted firmware related alerts via LCM. Keeping LCM updated in a darksite is a learning process but very simple after the first round.
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Just got done upgrading our dev cluster, and continue to migrate off of vmware.
getting ready for a 1200 vdi deployment
Planning a VDI implementation on our Nutanix cluster.
I am currently packing because we are leaving for vacation but I hope there will be some time to finish Enterprise Cloud Administration (ECA) Online course which is currently free. Later on I would like to pass NCP certification
Running File Analytics on Nutanix Files and loving all the visibility on my file server. I've never had that before!
Looking to install a cluster and become certified. Hopefully there are some free exams still.
Currently we are working to split our existing cluster having 45 nodes to two.
Integration of NUTANIX cluster with the new Artificial Intelligence ZDLS of Fujitsu. Target objective is buildig an SDDC / AI environment that allows customers easy data handling and training with specialised Deep Learning PU's.
Studying towards my NCP!
Currently we are working on migrating 2 nodes from a previous cluster into the prod cluster.
Currently integrating Nutanix with backup solutions such as Veeam and HYCU
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Migrating from ESXi to AHV with Move and studying towards my NCAP!
Study for my ncp exam schedule on august 31.
firmwares upgrade of NX1065
I'm working on learning about Nutanix and hope to pass a NCP exam soon.
Working on getting to know my new Nutanix envoriment, worked with it before so cool to see how others work with it and what choices are made. Working with a lot of Datastore containers is something I am not used to and is used here a lot.
currently working on deploying SQL database on nutanix. Also working on the debugging part.
Hi, everybody. I'm working on deliver cloud automation, VDI and DevOps apps to my company's private cloud infrastructure.
One of the awesome things about community, is the sharing and learning that can happen. It's always encouraging to see others want to help solve problems they are not directly involved in, offer new idea's to old problems and look for new ways of doing things.

It also helps me connect people who may have similar interests, and can benefit from sharing their experiences.

I thought this would be a great place to share what you are working on, get introduced to the community and let us know how we can help. Add your comments below, and let's begin the conversation.

We have an EPIC community, let's connect and help each other power the next generation of enterprise computing.

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This site is amazing!