Fresh Intall Nutanix Cluster - IPMI default password

  • 2 September 2020
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Hello all,

I’ve just finished the basic installation of a new 3 nodes Nutanix Cluster (NX-1065-G7 node).


When i try to enter the IPMI password nothing happens. It seems the password is wrong.


I have tried the default ADMIN/ADMIN password but it doesn’t worked (also admin/admin).


Did the default password change with the release 5.15.x of AOS ?

For information, the cluster has been created with the following parameters : 

  • AOS 5.15.2
  • Foundation VM
  • ESXi 6.7U3


The “ipmitool user list” show me an “ADMIN” user with ID 2, so i think the account is correctly created.


I ve tried on each of the 3 nodes and it’s still the same. 


So if the password set is ADMIN by default and is not working, can i safely change it with the ipmitool command ? 


Thx for your answers :)

2 replies




Just found the answer, sorry for the stupid question :

No more ADMIN password, but the serial number of each node.

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yeah, you got it :)