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We are migrating from Blades infraestructure with VMWare to Nutanix with AHV.

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We're already on Nutanix but we're looking to try out Community Edition for our older hosts and possibly move from VMware ESX to Nutanix AHV
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Hi Guys - Migrating exisiting workloads and new capacity onto a nutanix cluster
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I'm looking into Nutanix best practices for our three (soon four) Nutanix clusters
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We just finished deploying two new G5 blocks in both our datacenters for Splunk.
We're getting ready to do a datacenter expansion within the next couple of months as well.

Very busy times.
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Working on learning "ins and outs" of Nutanix Platform which was recently inherited. Lots to learn, excited to expand knowledgebase!
Deploying new Nutanix cluster in our expanded facility
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Currently planning to upgrade to AOS 5.5. Lot of promising new features 🙂
setting the network for nutanix
Attended Nutanix Bootcamp at Nutanix HQ in Sydney. Great presentation by Cam and Jerome.
Hello! I'll be getting my first 3-node cluster in the next couple weeks. I'll have some help deploying, but anything else I should know to prepare for installation?


Good morning thank you for giving me the opportunity to join this important forun I am starting in the world of hyperconvection I would like all the material that I can provide in this regard as a link to download the application to set up my laboratory greetings and thanks
Hi, my name is Sebastian Machado, i'm from Uruguay and currently working on testing the Nutanix CE in order to know if it's able to replace the existing VMware instalation that we have here.
Nutanix Newb here - we will be migrating from existing vmware hypervisor 5.x to Nutanix cluster also on vmare initially before then looking at potential AHV. Interested to know if anyone has had any issues migrating a large RDS 2012 R2 Farm in this manner?

If not - i'll know soon enough 😁
Hello community,

I am working on a project for a non-profit IT education organization - we need to build out a Windows 7/10 VDI environment for classes of 16 students, typically two virtual machines per student. We need the ability to spin-up the virtual machines on demand/at the beginning of class and revert back to a clean state at the end of class.

a co-worker at my day job suggested that I check out the community edition of Nutanix Acropolis - I'm going to try and get something setup this weekend to see if it's a viable solution.

If anyone has deployed a solution similar to this in the past, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?


Reacquainting myself with Nutanix to help understand deployment and architecture considerations with Veeam. I am a Veeam Enterprise Systems Engineer.

In the process of setting up a bake-off between Nutanix(on Lenovo), HPE Simplivity, & VxRail(Dell/VMware). Anybody done this already, and would care to share their results?


New to the forum. I am an SE for Veeam Software working on the Nutanix AHV integration. Currently working with a partner to obtain a Nutanix Server for testing/demo of the Veeam AHV product. Came here to get the CE for my own home lab.
Hi! Just getting into Nutanix, but I've been doing VMware and other virtualization for a long time. We have a small cluster here at my new job, and I hope to make the most of it: both for productivity for the team and for my personal growth.
Soon going to start my Own Lab with Nutanix AHV
working on nutanix Deployment at customer place
Hi, Im new to Nutanix CE, Im trying to switch my homelab from vmware Horizon View to Nutanix CE.

I have a 3 Cluster 2x IBM x3650 M4, Dual Six Core XEON & 160 GB RAM + 1 DELL R610, Dual Quad Xeon & 48 GB RAM.

Greetings from The Netherlands
Testing disaster recovery due to hurricane Florence.
Currently I am working on Sizing for new prospective customer!!
I have worked in storage for 20 years and now I have met Nutanix. I hope have a good experience with it.