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X-Ray, I want to compare HCI infrastructure
Run NCC check
I'm new with Nutanix trying to gain experience with the hand-on labs and the community edition of the solution.
I hope I can absorb all of the topics 🙂

Hello! Brand new to the community. My network has 6 nodes with ESXi images and a standard vCenter license, so we don’t have DRS (necessary for LCM). I’m becoming very familiar with the IPMI console and detailed white pages in the support portal to keep our equipment updated!


Update  PC and Cluster to 5.11 is finished.and Works..:blush:


Update  PC and Cluster to 5.11 is finished.and Works..:blush:

Nutanix beyond HCI


I'm currently working on migrating of Esxi  vsphere env  (HP servers) to nutanix HCI.

Working on building my knowledge of the product  and learning the ins and outs.

Im working to get experience on nutanix, to go NCAP certification.

Working on upgrading 20 clusters to AOS 5.10.6 and doing all LCM updates on over 100 hosts… If only Prism Central could optimise this a bit further :)

Working on doing a metro POC, will be great to see if we can replace our SAN/array!

I’m working on migration a bench of VMs running on Xen to Nutanix

Newtronics Community Edition.

Thank you.


currently working on getting vsphere HA configured on nutanix clusters to enable us to utilize LCM to perform rolling updates on hosts via LCM; also preparing for NCAP certification.


Inicio en entorno Nutanix


Updating one of two clusters. Now - firmware =)

Long-time VMware architect looking for something less irritating and more modern

I’m working on doing multiple SATADOM firmware upgrades.