Virtual machine Blurness issue

  • 28 May 2019
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Hello, We have created virtual machines for employees and they will connect through citrix, but we have observed employees are facing blurness issues when opening any Internet explorer or any files or any application, please suggest if there is any solution for this.

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 I hope you were able to find the answer. If not I would suggest this article from Citrix explaining Configuration of Client scaling, DPI scaling, and DPI matching with Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

Broadly there are two approaches to resolving these issues:

  1. Session scaling.
    • The session’s display is scaled up on the client so that text, icons and other object display at the desired size. This limits the resolution handled by the VDA, improving server scalability. The down side to this is that text and other fine detail images may appear blurry due to the scaling.
  2. No session scaling.
    • An unscaled session will display at a higher resolution rather than scaling up the session. Consequently, text, icons, and other objects can appear much smaller than those on the endpoint monitor. However, if specific Citrix component versions and Windows OS version requirements are met, the DPI value on the endpoint monitor can be matched for the desktop session so that text and icon sizes will match that of the endpoint monitor. This feature is called DPI matching.


Hope that helps. Let us know please.