Nutanix Collector 4 Error with Hyper-V

Hi. I’m trying to use Nutanix collector 4.0 to collect Hyper-V sizing information, however the following error message is displayed during the scanning phase:

“Bad http response returned from the server. Code: 500. Content”

I tried to use it with Remote option and locally on a cluster member and the same happens.

Running the precheck script it shows these failures on the picture:


The user logged in is a Domain Admin and local admin, however the script returns a failure about the user rights. 

Does anyone know how can I enable the “Basic auth” stated on the script output?

I also tried Collector version 3.5.1 with no success.

Any tips?

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Hi Danilo,

It would be great if you can fill up the form for further troubleshooting -

Once the form is submitted someone will get back to you. 

You can also refer to the FAQs here - Collector FAQ page

A few Collector Videos available on YouTube if you need a quick overview.




I am having the same issue.

was this ever solved?

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Have you tried using the latest version of Collector - 4.3? You can find them here -

The latest version also supports CLI mode. 


Arun Vijapur


Taken from: Move 4.3 - Enabling WinRM (

On the Hyper-V host try the winrm command blow, after that Start Collector (Run as Admin):

winrm set winrm/config/service/auth '@{Basic="true"}'