Two-Nodes Cluster Replicate to One-Node Cluster

  • 27 January 2023
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We have two locations and want to install Two-nodes-Cluster in the production location and One-node-cluster in the Disaster Location and to replicate these clusters each other. My question is:

  • Can we connect two-nodes directly with 10 Gbit DAC SFP+ cables each others? So, Is physical switch necessary to install two-nodes-cluster? We want to use Direct Connection (via DAC Cables) for RF2 data replication between two-nodes and 2 x 1/10 Gbit Base-T port will be using for VMs connection and replication VMs to one-node-cluster in the DR site. Is this scenario possible?
  • What about fail-back scenario? (back from DR to Production)


  • We have 3 x NX1175S G8 Nodes
  • We want to use AHV or ESXi


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2 replies

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Hello @Mynix 

You need a switch for cluster uplinks and connection to witness VM in another cluster for 2 nodes cluster.



  A physical switch would still be needed for a two-nodes-cluster. Potentially it isn’t necessarily spilt the cluster and user VM traffic in this size, a single bridge should suffice the requirement.

  For the failback, it will follow the same procedure as from a normal cluster