CVM ZeusLeader hits low available memory

  • 6 April 2017
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Hi all, we encounter one of our CVM with 32GB RAM hitting the alert that it have low available memory (1GB) which is the ZeusLeader. I got to a call with Nutanix Support and I was told this is normal and we would encounter from time to time. We do have a workaround with restart the cluster but somehow we would want a better solution

- Why does the CVM (Leader) uses so much memory ? considering that we already allocated 32GB have already use up a significant portion
- What happens when the CVM have no more available memory ? Will the leader failover or Nutanix will run into issue ?
- Is there any way to better manage the memory issue for the CVM leader ?

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2 replies

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Hi Doran,

Do you happen to have the case number? Also, what AOS version you are running on. If you could send me any details at, it'd be great.

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Hi there, we found that it's false alarm alert. When we check on the CVM VM machine performance graph on vcenter, the memory usage were low. When it occurs again, we will open a new case with Nutanix.