Separate Mgmt traffic from VMs traffic

  • 24 January 2024
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Hello everyone,


I want to separate the management traffic to different interface and make vs0 interface for VMs communication. So, I understand that I have to create new vs which is in my case will be vs1 but then what is next, how to assign it to be the management port. And another question, is it ok to use the shared IPMI port and make it the management port or I shouldn’t use it and make it free.



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3 replies

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Your question raised some questions with me ;) 

What do you mean exactly with "Management Traffic". Is this Prism/SSH?? Or do you mean cluster backend traffic? (Intra cluster traffic). 


For the backend traffic: 

Create a new virtual switch with the unused interfaces (minimum 10Gbps)

Then go to: Internal Interfaces → Configure and follow the steps. 



what a mean by management traffic is how admin get to CVMs, Hosts, PC, and PEs. also how they communicate between each other For Example, between one CVM and another or between PC and two different cluster.


also, is it possible to have that traffic on the shared IPMI port or the best practice to keep only for IPMI.


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About the IPMI it is best practice to keep IPMI on the dedicated IPMI port. 


Management traffic is for the administrator/third party services/api to get access to the cluster. 

Backplane LAN is for intra-cluster traffic. So for CVM's to CVM's (AHV to other CVM in case of CVM down). 

What I explained on my first post will only configure backplane LAN separation. 

Management traffic will not be possible on the backplane LAN. To be honest, if you separate intra-cluster traffic (backplane LAN on different virtual switch with his own uplink ports) you can leave management as is. As this requires low network bandwidth and I assume you already have this on a separate vlan/subnet. 


Note: Don’t use the 1Gbps ports if they are available.