Mail Alert Time Stamp and CVM Clock

  • 20 March 2015
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When we received email alert generated by CVM, the timestamp in the message follows PST time zone (which I believe it is CVM default). Can we configure CVM to use our local time zone?

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You can change the time zone for the CVM. Following are the steps you need to follow on your cluster's CVM.

In order to modify the current timezone settings: 1. Connect to a Controller VM with SSH, using the standard user credentials.2. Locate the template file for your time zone.
  1. cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
  2. ls –F
Your time zone may be stored at the root level of zoneinfo, or within a subdirectory. For example: /zoneinfo/Japan /zoneinfo/Europe/London /zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles 3. Copy the appropriate template file to /etc/localtime. For example, if you wish to set the timezone to UTC: 4.for i in `svmips`; do (ssh $i sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime); done5. Confirm date is displayed in the desired timezone by running command ‘allssh date’. For more details on time zone and date settings about CVM, please refer to KB article mentioned below. Timezone change procedure