vMotion in case of resource contention

  • 10 October 2019
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I'm new to Nutanix and setting up a small 3 node cluster with ESXi. Just wanted to know whether there is any automatic migration from Nutanix side in case of resource contention on 1 node.

One such example: if there are too many VM hosted on a single node and causing storage contention, is there any option on Nutanix to automatically migrate some VM to other nodes (similar to what VMware DRS does - but this time, for storage)


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Hi @user_vm

There is no such feature to balance the VMs between ESXi hosts based on storage contention. The vSphere DRS will migrate some VMs based on CPU/memory and depending of your ESXi version, the network contention also.

On storage layer, Nutanix will try keep the tiers usage balanced.
Thanks Richardson
Is there any details on how Nutanix will try to keep the tiers usage balanced?
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Hi @user_vm

Please check the and search for "Disk balancing" and you will see a brief explanation about disk balancing on DSF.
This was the info that we required. Thanks a lot!