vMotion in case of resource contention

  • 10 October 2019
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I'm new to Nutanix and setting up a small 3 node cluster with ESXi. Just wanted to know whether there is any automatic migration from Nutanix side in case of resource contention on 1 node.

One such example: if there are too many VM hosted on a single node and causing storage contention, is there any option on Nutanix to automatically migrate some VM to other nodes (similar to what VMware DRS does - but this time, for storage)


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4 replies

This was the info that we required. Thanks a lot!
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Hi @user_vm

Please check the and search for "Disk balancing" and you will see a brief explanation about disk balancing on DSF.
Thanks Richardson
Is there any details on how Nutanix will try to keep the tiers usage balanced?
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Hi @user_vm

There is no such feature to balance the VMs between ESXi hosts based on storage contention. The vSphere DRS will migrate some VMs based on CPU/memory and depending of your ESXi version, the network contention also.

On storage layer, Nutanix will try keep the tiers usage balanced.