Welcome to the 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)

  • 8 December 2020
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Welcome to the 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)
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I am delighted to share our growing list of Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC) for 2021. This group of IT professionals are from every cloud, application and technology group. Their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise help their organizations and the virtualization community to challenge the status quo.

This has been a challenging year with COVID, families coping with distance learning and the changing dynamics of working from home. But these NTCs continued in the face of unprecedented uncertainty, delivering the applications and services their companies, clients and friends needed.

In addition, they continued to mentor and encourage others showcasing what being part of a community is all about.

I'm looking forward to another exciting year and learning from many of you. Take the time to get to know one another and congratulate each other on social media, use the hashtag #NutanixNTC and keep the conversation going.

One more thing - What can I do if I did not make the list this year? Don't worry things don't end here. Connect with me on the community site @aluciani  and let's work together in getting you positioned for 2022.

Here are your 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC).

Nutanix Technology Champion Elite with NPX

Rene van den Bedem Sachin Bhowan Samuel Rothenbuehler


Nutanix Technology Champion

Aidan Thomson Akira Masago Al Rasheed
Alexander Lohr Andrea Mauro Anibal coral
Anwar Khan Arjan Hendriks Bart Donders
Bart Van Praet Bart Wessels Bauke Plugge
Ben Roller Benjamin Crill Benjamin Olivier
Bilel KAMMOUN BLANCHARD Theo Borja Caballero
Bradley Burgess Briac GAUTIER DE CHARNACE Brian Cooper
Brian Taylor Bryan Kuhn Cedric GIRARD
Chad Dorr Chad Phillips Chris Lawrence
Christian Pedersen Christian Strijbos Daniel Morris
Darrell Doty Dave Brett Dave Strum
David Dubuque Derek Sailors Devin Costa
Diego Oliveira Dipesh Khadye Donnie Barber
Drew Plaster

Ehtesham Ihsan

Eric Kyle

Eric Phillips

Erwing Izquierdo Faisal Jawaid
Farhan Parkar Frank Mazzotti Frank Recker
Frederic LHOEST Fumiaki Someya GIOIA Matthieu
Go Watanabe Gregor Oliver Kolb Guy Defryn
Hernan Paggi Hernan Scavetta Hosea Abere
Hugh Devaux James D. Corder Jared Hamilton
Jarod Hallmark Jason Girard Jeffrey McGuff
Joel Cason John Hamilton John Sam George
Jon Dustin Jonas Hogman Jonathan Rump
Josh Marcellis Justin McAlister Ken Nalbone
Kevin Grube Kobfa Seniwongse Liam O'Reilly
Manfred Pichlbauer Mario Rielaender Mark Gabryjelski
Mark Josepher Matthew Day Mattias Sundling
Maxime Poulin Michael Bates Mike Dent
Mike Ewanic Mike Gelhar Mikhail Kisselyov
Mithun Gatade Mohamed Amine ESSFALI Mohamed Asfour
Mohammed Mudasar Nathan Bish Nathan Crisler
Neal Dolson Nick Standke Nishant Panchal
Norman Dole Patrick Damen Patrick Huber
Paul Bitton Paul Johnson Paul Schofield
Paul Woodward Jr Peter Franz Phua Chuan Leong
Raj Patel Raphael Germon Raphael Meyerowitz
Rene Bigler Richard Hung Roberto Ortega
Rody Kossen Ronnie Hamilton Ross Hunt
Ryan S Revord Scott R Osborne Scott Riser
Si Hao C Simon Buchanan Stephen Kay
Stephen Linker Steve Elgan Steve Heinzig
Steven Orkisz Taiju Masuda Takahiro HAGIWARA
Thomas Dory Tim Carman Timon Watson
Todd Burris Trond Eirik Haavarstein Ugo Pace
Victor Wu Vishwapreet Mahabir Will Fulmer
William Beckett Wolfgang Wundsch Wouter Kursten
Juan Rojas Ramakrishna Pillai Aneesh Mickael Gonzalez


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Thank you @aluciani and congrats to everyone. It’s going to be another fantastic year.

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Congratulations to all participants:thumbsup:

Congratulations NTC’s!

Let’s make 2021 another memorable year!

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Congrats all new and renewed NTCs! Best program in the business, thanks @aluciani for all your efforts and also to everybody participating. Let´s make 2021 a blast.

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Congrats all! i am very excited to be one of them. It's my first time, so i will see what next year brings.

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Thank you NTC! Glad to be selected again and yes, congratulations to all new and returning NTCs. Thank you @aluciani and all #Nutanix folks! This is a great program, really appreciate your support in this endeavor. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations everyone! 

Congratulations to all!!!!


Please enlighten me about the requirements and or guide me through the process.


Looking forward to it.


Thank you.

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Congrats to all NTC, and welcome to new NTC member, 


Thanks team for giving me another year to learn and share !