Welcome to the 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)

  • 8 December 2020
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Welcome to the 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)

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34 replies

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Thank you @aluciani and congrats to everyone. It’s going to be another fantastic year.

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Congratulations to all participants:thumbsup:

Congratulations NTC’s!

Let’s make 2021 another memorable year!

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Congrats all new and renewed NTCs! Best program in the business, thanks @aluciani for all your efforts and also to everybody participating. Let´s make 2021 a blast.

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Congrats all! i am very excited to be one of them. It's my first time, so i will see what next year brings.

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Thank you NTC! Glad to be selected again and yes, congratulations to all new and returning NTCs. Thank you @aluciani and all #Nutanix folks! This is a great program, really appreciate your support in this endeavor. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations everyone! 

Congratulations to all!!!!


Please enlighten me about the requirements and or guide me through the process.


Looking forward to it.


Thank you.

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Congrats to all NTC, and welcome to new NTC member, 


Thanks team for giving me another year to learn and share !