Sybase ASE on AHV?

  • 25 February 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone here run Sybase ASE in a Linux VM in AHV?   We have a few legacy physical servers that I’m looking to migrate into our AHV cluster.  I know it ‘should’ work but looking for a reference or reassurance from anyone who has ‘been there, done that’. 





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Hey, @jholmgren So currently our AHV has not had any integration efforts made for Sybase. As such we are not in a position where we can advise you on this question. There are no official documents related to this integration too.

I mean, you can definitely deploy them on top of AHV.

Another info which I found related to your ask is this:

To run VMs to host an SAP SQL/Sybase DB need to run a utility called ‘sysamcap’ which will report the hypervisor’s machine info, CPU, memory, network interfaces, etc. for licensing purposes.

You need to run this utility on their AHV hypervisor, as this is how Sybase is able to be permitted to run on a VM on top of the AHV hypervisor that is authorized by their active SAP license.


I hope I cleared your doubts.:sweat_smile: