Nutanix data not being deleted even if VM is deleted.

Hi All,

I am new to Nutanix Environment. I have been tasked to troubleshoot a customer Nutanix environment. In the Nutanix cluster storage utilization is at a critical stage, and Customer VMs are behaving strangely.  VMs are gradually becoming unresponsive and we are greeted with 2048 screen stating VM boot disk are not found although the cluster storage shows 2 TiB available (I know its extremely low, things might not work).


The most important part is we have already deleted almost around 15TiB of storage but we are not seeing an increment in the available storage resource. (its stuck at 2TiB).


The customer environment is out of support subscription, and they are not able to renew due to their internal financial issue.


Cluster version: 5.10.5 LTS Pro License

Storage: 2TiB free of 55TiB

Number of Nodes:  4


Data Resiliency Status: Critical


I will be very grateful for any help and suggestions.


Thank You

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take a look at Disk Space Usage High alert in Prism | Nutanix Community


note 5.10.x went EOL in 2021!!!

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If you just deleted the disks you need to wait for curstor scan to cleanup. 

but again, this is eol so better buy new clusters and migrate to it. 

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maybe this could help, clear the trash bin, and you should be good to go.

also take @JeroenTielen suggestion to migrate to newer cluster version.