Same version of BMC & Version in one cluster?

  • 4 November 2019
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Hallo All,

I have an issue with memory CECC error. There were a Memory CECC error a month ago. so I replaced the part. and then 2 weeks after, the Same error occured at the same slot.

so now I will upgrade the BMC & BIOS on these Node.

but. should the same version of bmc & BIOS in all Nodes be in one cluster?

Thanks :)

p.s : there are 29 node with NX-3060-G4 and G5 in dark site



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@Wilhelm Hosenfeld 

Product Mixing Restrictions do not specify BMC/BIOS versions. Intermixing is supported in this instance. I would still recommend to upgrade BIOS+BMC in the entire cluster (at least once you test drive BMC+BIOS version) for many reasons starting with issues that newer version resolves through predictability of your environment and even applications within guest OS sometimes and ending with ease of troubleshooting and planning for maintenance including scaling out.

Release notes state minimal BIOS version Release Notes | BIOS G4G5T5.0: G4 and G5 Platforms

Try these guides  LCM at a Dark Site, KB-2905 Nutanix BIOS Manual Upgrade Guide.


Let me know if that helps