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We’ll be shortly moving to Horizon Instant Clones running on our ESXi v7 U3c Nutanix cluster.  I’ve been reading about the Parent VMs which Instant Clones put on each host and I’m a little concerned about how LCM will work in the future for performing tasks where it takes hosts in and out of maintenance mode in turn.

There’s an old thread here that suggests doing only one host at a time and manually getting it to remove the parent VMs but I was wondering if that was still necessary.

I did ask Support and they said “I have reviewed some information and as far I understand this shouldn’t be an issue on newer Horizon releases” but they sounded not entirely certain and gave a caveat about whatever VMware might say...

VMware documentation refers to newer Horizon versions being generally OK but that host updating via VUM is an issue and even suggests disabling Parent VMs entirely if that is used.  Is LCM similarly affected? What are other Instant Clone Nutanix admins doing nowadays?

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Hello @Cantoris 

LCM can upgrade AOS and ESXi with One-Click Operation from Nutanix Prism, the LCM will upgrade each node one by one, if there are VMs running, it will be migrated to the running Nodes. You can shutdown the VMs to avoid VMs DRS.

Thanks Moustafa.

I’m aware of the general principles as have used LCM many times to apply updates with our current Horizon Linked Clones active.  I’m just wary of using the same with Instant Clones due to their reliance on Parent VMs and VMware’s warning around VUM.

Is LCM safe with Instant Clone Parent VMs?