Horizon View Instant Clone & Nutanix Firmware updates....Sanity check..

  • 24 May 2019
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We have been running our Horizon View environment on Nutanix a little over 6 months, and I'm ready to do my first round of disk/BIOS, etc firmware updates. My main concern, is since we are utilizing Horizon View instant clones, there is a powered on "parent image" on each host...We are running View 7.5, and I know in previous versions, there was an attribute called "Instant Clone maintenance" that you changed the value to a 1, and it would shut down and delete that parent image, disallowing any desktops from being provisioned on that host allowing you to place it in maint mode, and do your business. I need some clarity (and a sanity check!) on how to allow (or if I don't use LCM) to perform these necessary firmware updates without bringing my View environment down...This environment is used 24x7 and cannot withstand an outage..Please show me your wheel, so I have no need to re-invent!! Thank you community!

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