AHV + Unidesk(now Citrix App Layering) performance

  • 21 December 2017
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I was wondering if anyone has used Unidesk on AHV? I am up to date on both (Unidesk 4.6, not 4.7).
It takes about 45 minutes to edit a layer, then another 45 to finalize, frequently longer. Data rates are usually between 80 megabytes/s and 120 megabytes/s. The rates will spike up to 1.5 gigabit, and I have looked into the link rate, which shows as 10gbit in the console. I don't think it is hitting a 1 gbit barrier (unless there is traffic management within nutanix I am not aware of).

What I have investigated:
Link Speed - referenced the link speed in the prism network UI, shows correct, also spikes above 1 gbit regularly, occasionally holds above 1 gbit by a bit
Load - I have also tested this when the cluster is under load and when it isn't. This doesn't have discernable impact on the performance.
Multiple jobs - I have started multiple jobs in the Unidesk console, the total write speed was about the same as when it is doing a single job, and after about 6 simultaneous jobs it started having problems with stability.
Firmware - I booted into the lifecycle controller of each node and updated firmware across the board (no pun intended), this helped the cluster across the board, but had no discernable impact on the unidesk performance.
AOS/AHV versions - fully up to date
I have a small 3 node VDI cluster, with two sata ssd, and 8 sata hdd per node. Not the fastest but it should certainly be capable of writing out data faster than 120 MB/s.

If anyone has any ideas I am all ears. I need to get the performance high and I would rather not move Unidesk off this particular cluster.


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Hi Derek,

I would suggest contacting support, I had a similar case and were able to reach the bottom of the issue with help of SRE.