Is it possible to live migrate a VM from one AHV cluster to another AHV cluster ?

  • 1 February 2018
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Is it possible to live migrate a VM from one AHV cluster to another AHV cluster ? or live migration is only within one AHV cluster ??

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9 replies

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Hi sd11,

The live migration is always within the same cluster..

There is actually no way, to migrate live VMs from Cluster to Cluster.

We have a workaround for this, which requires the VMs to be offline:

You can export the VM in QCOW2 on the commandline on AHV Cluster A.
Download the file and import on the AHV Cluster B.
After importing the image, you can set up an new VM and clone the disk out of the imported file.

  • Log in to the shell of your CVM
  • Get the Container your VM is stored with nfs_ls
  • Get the vmdisk_uuid with the command "acli vm.get "
With this information, you can create the following command on the shell (just replace the placeholders , and ):
qemu-img convert -f raw nfs:// -O qcow2 /home/nutanix/.qcow2

Download it with SCP or another software.
Import via Image Configuration on the target system.
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Just to add you can also use native replication to replication the VM using data protection and failover to target cluster with minimum downtime.

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I got this error running the command below:

nutanix@NTNX-17SM76230071-A-CVM:$ qemu-img convert -f raw nfs:// -O qcow2 /home/nutanix/USWAXTA002-DISK0.qcow2 &
[1] 24056
nutanix@NTNX-17SM76230071-A-CVM:$ qemu-img: Could not open 'nfs://': Failed to open file : open call failed with "NFS: ACCESS denied. Required access r--. Allowed access ---"
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Hey @billytiangco - Did you get a fix for the permissions?
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@billytiangco Probably sudo this conversion?
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@aluciani do you know if there is any update to this ability?  This thread is a year old but I cannot seem to find more current info.

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I talked to engineers yesterday, and this ability is on the product roadmap. I have been asked to not mention dates or release numbers but it seems to be not to far off.  JL