Nutanix Calm API request returns incorrect task UUID

  • 3 August 2023
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I am currently using Nutanix Calm API v3. After creating a crash-consistent VM recovery point using the POST endpoint /api/nutanix/v3/mh_vms/{vm_uuid}/snapshot and verifying that it exists on Prism Central, I attempted to revert the VM to this recovery point using the POST endpoint /api/nutanix/v3/mh_vms/{vm_uuid}/revert using the recovery point uuid in req body. The response has 200 status code but the task reference returned has task_uuid value of ‘something’. I also cannot see any alerts on PC indicating that the VM revert task has been attempted.


May I know if anyone has experienced this issue before and how I might rectify this issue? Im not sure how to proceed since the API request appears to be successful. In particular, I would like to understand the circumstances under which Calm API returns tasks with uuid value of ‘something’. Thanks!


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@Phianne Calista, the mh_vms route is not a part of Calm apis, it is owned by the AHV team. Digging a bit deeper, it looks like mh_vms/vm_uuid/revert api is not supported at all. Please check here on how to use vm_recovery_points endpoint to restore

If you need info on the self service snapshot/restore feature please have a look here