Calm task to add RBAC in K8S

  • 15 December 2020
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How to set RBAC on K8S with Calm, I created a new cluster Kubernetes and I want to add rbac permission for some users with task it possible?


thanks a lot


2 replies

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Hi Cecilia,


Configure role mapping in PC as you do normally with or without Kubernetes using Active Directory.

Then create the roles and role bindings in your Kubernetes cluster accordingly and reference the AD users/groups.


Take a look at this too Providing RBAC for your Karbon Kubernetes Clusters


Let me know if that’s helpful.

Hi Alona, 

thanks for the answer, but I would like to create a blueprint (calm) with K8S and rbac settings, I created a cluster Karbon and I set RBAC permission with kubeconfig or kubectl and everything works well, but if I want to create a blueprint to orchestrate this in automatic, how can I do?


Thanks a lot