Calm containers are Unhealthy

  • 26 September 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi everyone, i have a trouble with this error:


the alert also sent a notification about this error: Discovered that the nucalm internal service is not working: “helios”


I restarted all cluster service but there is no change. Then i checked my nutanix docker to log infomations about that, it showed helios still was running. 

And i follow KB-8621 to collect log of helios.log.1 with the same time in alert, it showed:

So anyone can tell me what is the problem with my Calm service? I so appreciate to receive your helps.

1 reply

When we went through this with support, I believe the final solution was to upgrade our Prism Central to the latest version, 2022.9 or 2023.x