AOS Upgrade - LTS (Version: 5.20)

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AOS Upgrade - LTS (Version: 5.20)

AOS integrates storage, compute and networking resources into a scalable, secure, resilient and easy-to-use software-defined infrastructure.

LTS / STS Release Types

To determine your cluster's current release type (LTS or STS) from the nCLI command line.

  • Is LTS: true indicates an LTS release.
  • Is LTS: false indicates an STS release.

Acropolis 5.20 Software Bundle

  • AOS 5.20
  • NCC 4.0.1
  • NGT 2.1.2
  • Foundation 4.6.2
  • AHV-20201105.2030

For a detailed listing please check out the product release notes in our support portal.

Here are a brief summary of the updates to this release:


  • Resolved an issue where saving the VM configuration boot order set to network interface in the Prism UI resets the guest VM boot order to default.
  • Resolved an issue where after an AOS upgrade to 5.19.1 and later releases, you are unable to use Prism Central to manage VMs created in AOS 5.15.x.

Data Protection

  • Resolved an issue where no application consistent groups are available after crash consistent snapshots are taken during failover to Xi.

Infrastructure / Services

  • Resolved an issue where pre-upgrade checks fail to progress due to incorrect handling of exceptions.
  • Column name validation added to resolve an issue where silent disk or network corruption results in corruption of the stats and Pithos column family leading to cluster-wide degradation.
  • Resolved an issue where during attempts to upgrade to Hyper-V 2019 through the web console Upgrade Software page, the page did not allow you to select the Hyper-V SKU type leading to the upgrade operation to either stall or install Hyper-V Datacenter Core incorrectly.

Linux Kernel

  • The latest kernel update resolves an issue where the mdadm raid value shows unrealistic numbers.
  • Updated Linux Kernel to kernel version 3.10.0-1160.24.1.el7 that includes a fix for a kernel panic issue.


  • The OVS rules limit increased to 32768.


  • New certificate regeneration script added to resolve an issue where attempts to restart the cluster fail due to an expired encryption certificate.
  • The ctrl + alt + del option is not displayed in the GUI to avoid its usage while PC is in middle of first-boot-after-upgrade script as it might result in the PC to restart and break PC permanently.

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