AOS 6.5 Long-Term Supported (LTS) Release

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AOS 6.5 Long-Term Supported (LTS) Release

AOS integrates storage, compute and networking resources into a scalable, secure, resilient and easy-to-use software-defined infrastructure.

Please review the release notes before deployment for all products

AOS 6.5 is a long-term supported (LTS) release that builds upon a mature and proven AOS codebase that contains the new and updated features from the following AOS 6.0 and AOS 6.1 (short-term supported (STS)) releases since the previous LTS release and the bug fixes from all the releases in the AOS 6.0 and AOS 6.1 branches:

Requirements and Considerations | AOS 6.5

Requirements for Virtual Switch Migration During Upgrade

The AOS upgrade process initiates the virtual switch migration. The virtual switch migration is successful only when certain requirements are fulfilled. Before you upgrade to AOS, read the Virtual Switch Migration Requirements in the Virtual Switch Requirements topic in the AHV Administration Guide.

Requirements and Limitations for Clusters with NVIDIA GPUs

Nutanix supports the NVIDIA GPU cards based on the compatible AOS and AHV versions. See KB 8727 for details on GRID driver support and compatibility limitations for the current AOS and AHV versions.

Nutanix Compatibility and Software Interoperability

The Nutanix support portal includes a variety of compatibility matrices. Nutanix recommends that you consult the matrix before installing or upgrading your cluster's software.

Software Bundled in This Release


Please review the release notes before deployment for all products



Long awaited!!

Does this mean as of today 6.5 is released?

Bravo guys! Excellent work 🙂 Can’t wait to start deploying it!


Can we assign a Trunk NIC in the GUI with AOS 6.5 yet?