I'm New to the Forum, How Do I Create a Topic?

  • 29 September 2022
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Welcome to the Nutanix User Group Forum! We are so glad you are here.

We encourage you to start conversations, ask questions, and engage with the NUG community. To start a new topic, follow the steps below. 


Step 1: Select “Create Topic” on the top right section of the screen. Note, you must be registered for an account and logged in to create a new topic. 


Step 2: Select whether you would like to post a Question, Conversation, or Idea. You can hover over each selection for descriptions of each category to help you determine the best choice. 


Step 3: Add a title and description for your topic. 


Step 4: Verify Nutanix User Group is selected under Category and add Tags. Please tag “Nutanix User Group” and any other relevant information, such as your region/state or Nutanix product. 

Step 5: Select Create! You’ll be notified via email as others in the community engage with your topic. 


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