Disaster recovery for Nutanix Kubernetes Environment

  • 16 May 2024
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We have a Nutanix nke environment and would like to activate protected domains so that in the event of a disaster we can move the PD across to our DR site. 

Currently I have not seen any documentation or a way to configure this. Does anyone know how we can “replicate” our NKE clusters to a DR location in an easy and simple way. My thought is to take the underlying virtual machines and just put them into a PD. However, it does not seem as simple as this. 

Any guidance would be apricated. We have been receiving conflicting advice from Nutanix technical support. To the point where it does not seem possible and therefore makes NKE not viable to enterprise deployment. 

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1 reply


For DR scenarios of Kubernetes workloads, an application-aware strategy is the way to go instead of replicating the Kubernetes cluster VMs.

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK) is a solution created for such use-cases and allows application-aware data protection. More information on the solution can be found here: