Synchronous Replication Requirements

  • 26 September 2022
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Hello everyone.

I am planning synchronous replication between two sites with AHV, and the prerequisites are not clear in the documentation. I have 960GB SSD disks on the hosts. Apparently the minimum required is 1.2TB but it's not explicit in the documentation. Does anyone know where I can validate this information?


Thanks! :)

2 replies

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For DR solutions with Asynchronous, NearSync, and Synchronous replication schedules to succeed, the nodes in the on-prem AZs (AZs or AZs) must have certain resources. This section provides information about the node, disk and Foundation configurations necessary to support the RPO-based recovery point frequencies.

  • The conditions and configurations provided in this section apply to Local and Remote recovery points.

  • Any node configuration with two or more SSDs, each SSD being 1.2 TB or greater capacity, supports recovery point frequency for NearSync.

  • Any node configuration that supports recovery point frequency of six (6) hours also supports AHV-based Synchronous replication schedules because a protection policy with Synchronous replication schedule takes recovery points of the protected VMs every 6 hours.


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Nutanix AHV Support 2 options:

  • Near-Sync
    • for Near-Sync atleast 1.2TB SSD is required. 
    • RPO you get below 15Mins 
  • Sync Rep (Metro)
    • Real Time Replication ( Zero RPO)
    • each site has its own Nutanix cluster, however the containers are “stretched” by synchronously replicating to the remote site before acknowledging writes.
    • Basically you should have enough SSD free for Sync Rep data.

Please Nutanix DR Documentation for details