Multiple Source Protection Domains Pointing to the Same Remote Site?

  • 8 February 2016
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I'm fairly certain this is possible, but going is rough for finding it documented. Let's say I have a remote container setup in a NTX cluster in LA. Can I created protection domains in a NTX cluster in Miami and NewYork and point them both to the remote container in LA? Sort of a many to one type approach in using protection domains and any limits on how many you can point at one? Any documentation anyone's found covering this and docs on where the snaps are stored (I don't see them in the ESXi datastores) and how much data is used from remote snaps.


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Yes, that is fully supported. The only system limits we have are published here:

You would create 2 remote containers in LA (one for NY, one for Miami) and LA should be licensed with Ultimate ( to get the many-to-one feature. The other sites can be licensed at any level. You'd then setup the vstore mappings on the each site to their unique container.

Snapshots are stored in the .snapshot directory on the container. The space they use is variable, but it depends heavily on the size of the VMs you're protecting, the rate of change of those VMs, and the number of snapshots you retain (and any data-reduction tech you're using such as compression/EC-X)