Getting CBT Errors During Backup

  • 8 February 2022
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Hello Team,

During the commvault back noticing below errors;

curl-err:[No error] http-resp:[401] url:[] server-resp:[{"state": "ERROR", "code": 401, "message_list": [{"reason": "AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED", "message": "Authentication required.", "details": "Basic realm=\"Intent Gateway Login Required\""}], "api_version": "3.1"}] resp-size:[209]

Looks like CBT (change region) errors.

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed!

1 reply

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Usually trying to use a v3 REST API call to a Prism Element IP, the request gets an same error message. 

(Current GA Prism Element v2.0 API, allowing read and write control over individual clusters and managed entities). 

(Current GA Prism Central v3 API, allowing read and write control over registered clusters and various Prism Central services).