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  • 21 March 2024
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My organization is going to be embarking on an NDB implementation this year and due to our existing clustering technology, our SQL Server infrastructure relies heavily on non-default instance names for our machines (i.e.  hostname\instancename).  

If we’re able to preserve this on databases that bring across to NDB, it will save us a great deal of time/effort in reconfiguring existing applications.  Is this something that we’re likely to be able to achieve in NDB?  Put differently, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to preserve existing host and instance names.  


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@KeithL, NDB provisioning supports user defined hostname and instance names. By default NDB would reuse the instance name of the SW Profile VM but you have the option of including the location of the MSSQL install file (SMB Share) which will let you set a custom instance name during provisioning.


You can find more information in the NDB SQL Server Admin guide, I’ve included the relevant text and page link below.

“Provide SQL Server Installer. Enable this option to customize the SQL Server instance during provisioning. You can provision a database server VM with a custom SQL instance name by providing the following:”


Hopefully I understood your question correctly.

@lawdawg I think that does address my question and it’s certainly an encouraging answer.  Thanks very much!