Unable to Migrate Fortisiem Collector From VMware to AHV

Hello Team, 

We are trying to migrate Fortisiem VMs ( Collectors & Supervisors ) from VMWARE to AHV using Move but facing Authentication Failed issue. 

We verified and we have root access to the VMs and all the rights on the 2 VMs. 


Also, the distribution of VMs are Redhat 4.4.7-23).


Maybe it’ s a problem of Os compatibility, what do you all think. 


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I faced this before, maybe not with fortisiem but with other appliances. Where move failed to migrate the vm caused by authentication, compatibility,…..ect.

I suggest to you to try manual migration as describe in this KB: Transferring Virtual Disks to an AHV Cluster

and as you mention that your appliance use Redhat 4.0, there is a chance that your VM won’t boot up with the default vm configuration on Nutanix as it use scsi controller by default, my advice it to use pci or sata controller type (it depend on driver availability in the initrd). More information below in this kb Migrating Linux VMs to AHV

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Hi Abraham,

Just to add to the advice above, if the manual migration steps don’t help and there are AHV / KVM versions of these appliances available, you might find it easier to build fresh versions on the AHV cluster and then migrate the data (if required) between the old and new appliances.