Migrate Users Windows VMs from AHV to VMware Esxi

  • 23 March 2022
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I’m looking for some experiences in migrating windows user vms from acropolis hypervisor to vmware esxi. 

I tried and followed severals KBs and articles but none were successful. 

After powering on windows VM on esxi, they immediately go to the famous “blue screen” and don’t recognize the disk. 

Articles that I followed:

Has anyone has experience with this ? Can you help me ? 
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4 replies

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You need to use vmware converter for this. And before you convert the machine install vmware tools in it. Make sure that if source vm is bios or uefi that the target vm is the same. 

Hi Jeroen. 

Already tried these options, 

First, I can’t install VMware tool because this error “VMware Tools can only be installed on virtual machines”

And VMware converter shows me the following error “ A file I/O error occurred while accessing “. and some logs like “Opening virtual disk failed with error” , “Failed to retrieve the storage mapping with error converter”


I’m in a similar situation, looking for a viable option to migrate several hundred VM’s from AHV to ESXi (non-nutanix cluster).


Does anyone know if Starwind P2V or V2V would work for this since VMware Converter isn’t technically available any more?


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Hello Luis,

Did you refer to following link:

Rohan Saksena