Snapshot Question Once The Protection Domain and VM Accidentally Removed

  • 10 September 2021
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I have two questions regarding snapshot on nutanix.

  1. If I restore VM / storage using nutanix snapshot, the VM / storage still pointing the VM / storage on protection domain or not ? 
  2. What happen if the VM / storage I create earlier using nutanix snapshot when the protection domain and VM / storage removed or accidentally delete ? 





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Hi Tirtayudha,

  1. Nutanix snapshot is using a redirect-on-write algorithm so if you restored VM to the previous snapshot, then the VM will point to that snapshot vDisk which will become RW instead of RO. Protection Domain is pointing to VM as an object so it will be always pointing to running VM and its vDisk
  2. If VM is deleted all of its snapshots will be orphaned and useless as you can not recover a VM from only a snapshot. but snapshot data will remain on the container. you can always restore VM from external backup and snapshots should be attached again to the same VM 

Best regards,

Amr Abdelshafi