Customizing PRISM UI?

  • 19 November 2014
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Is it possible to customize the prism ui? (for example add own logo)

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7 replies

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Yes you can modify Prism welcome page to some extent.

In settings option in Prism UI, there is an option of 'Welcome Banner' you can use your own HTML code modify the welcome page.
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but,the tag not work,however,the local
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I'm going to 2nd that the img tag doesn't seem to work. I've found blogs where people show an example using but it doesn't work in the current UI and the post was from some time ago -

I'd like to use a.png file in our banner for customization of the logon screen.
Also had the same issue. Would love to see some examples of code for ideas. Thx.
I just found out how to do it.
You need to paste your logo into each CVM.
Follow this link (it's in French but the screenshots will help you :)
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Hi folks, Here is a great blog post on how to confirm the prism login screen

Also - I'm thinking about holding another community competition on 'Sharing your custom login screen' - stay tuned for details 👍
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Going to test those UI modifications, thanks for the link @aluciani