Changing CVM memory size from Prism

  • 5 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

I want change current CVM memory size from 32GB to 40GB (AOS 5.15, NX model)
but when I select Configure CVM in the Setting page,
there is no option for 40GB from dropbox (only 36GB, 48GB and 64Gb)

But when I checked on other Nutanix cluster (AOS 5.20, HX Model)
I can choice 40GB from dropbox.

So is it behavior change from 5.15 to 5.20? or It depends on Hardware model (NX vs DX)

Ref URL: CVM Memory Configuration

And if I want to change CVM memory to 40GB, I must using CLI?


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@tvvu The feature of having 40 GB memory target in the ‘Configure CVM’ list is added in AOS 5.20.x version - that’s why you are unable to see it in AOS 5.15 cluster.

Hence, if you are not planning to upgrade AOS to 5.20 version, then for 5.15.x clusters, to increase the CVM memory to 40 GB, you will have to follow a manual process wherein you will have to shut down cvm, change the CVM config file and then start the cvm back up. Once the data resiliency is OK, proceed with the next one. 

If the hypervisor is ESXi, then you can refer to KB-2921 for manual steps to change each CVM memory to 40 GB (one at a time) 

If the hypervisor is AHV, then kindly reach out to Nutanix Support to perform this change.