Alert: Upgrade NGT version on VM to latest

  • 18 September 2018
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Gents, I have alerts in PRISM " Upgrade NGT version on VM to latest " to all VMs.

Must I start one by one ? what's steps should I do ? Is there any effect in VMs ?

*Note: VMs in production

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3 replies

I see nobody wants any part of this...

If there is something to automate this...please make it available Nutanix.
Same question there since I upgraded to AOS 5.5.8, please advise.

I have 19 VM's with this warning while >100 without issues, I feel that the NGT update was part of the AOS update but for any reason it failed on some VM's (ie on one particular VM I had to update the "lvm2", and on another one I was unable to mount the cd, even manually).

If we solve the pre-requisites, is there a way to relaunch the NGT update for all the ones that aren't up-to-date ?

Thank you
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If a new NGT version comes with an AOS update, all VMs will eventually show the NCC warning and need the upgrade. Upgrading AOS does not automatically upgrade NGT on VMs.

I tried a "bulk" unattended NGT upgrade on TWO Windows VMs through Prism Central 5.10 once, but it failed with waving flags. I have yet to investigate why.

Even if you upgrade your VMs from their console one by one as I do, there is some risk of very briefly disrupting the VM's network connection. Some productive applications tolerate that, some don't.

There was a situation on our clusters where NGT ISO wouldn't mount. (There must be only one empty CD-ROM attached.) I found that in our case the Hypervisor thinks the virtual CD tray is "open" and therefore no ISO (not just NGT) can be mounted. The CD tray can only be "closed" with a VM powercycle/reboot or per host through a cli script.

Have fun!