Which is the final/official tool to confirm supported hypervisor version

  • 11 June 2016
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I found I can`t find ESXI 6.0U2 and AOS4.6.1.1 release in Nutanix compatibility online tool. but I can find ESXI6.0U2 in the iso whitelist json. So It make me confused Which release exactly can be supported by nutanix ? Finally, I install ESXI6.0U2 and AOS4.6.1. I·m not sure if Compatibility tool is just a best practise or not up to date timely.

Can I simply always install newest ESXI version and NOS ?

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Our official matrix is here:

That said, its undergoing some major updates (we're designing a new matrix), so we haven't updated the matrix

When it doubt, please check the matrix first, and if it doesnt show what you expect, submit a support ticket