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  • 19 December 2019
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In this topic I will share how to configure an SMTP server on your Nutanix cluster. This can be done from the Prism UI. This is pretty simple and straight forward. 

Below is the link shared, that discusses how to configure a SMTP server-

After the SMTP server is created, the email alerts should be tested if they are being sent from the cluster. SMTP always uses port 80 and 8443, so make sure that these firewall ports are open.

You could send test emails to verify correct SMTP configuration. This can be done using the KB2773. I will attach a link to the KB below.

Hope this piece of information is useful!

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2 replies

Please update this, SMTP doesn’t not use ports 80 and 8443. It uses port 25 without encryption, and 587 for TLS or 465 for SSL.

You are confusing SMTP with PulseHD, which communicates to Nutanix via ports 80 and 443 and then uses Nutanix mail servers for notifications.

I was able to get this working with Gmail using the instructions provided. Our end goal is for this to connect to an Office 365 hosted email address but was not able to find a specific IP for 365 since they use their FQDN for pretty much everything. Have you had any luck with any other email providers or have any advice for using Office 365?