Server Image with Nutanix VirtllO 1.1.5 errors with missing storage driver

  • 20 August 2020
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I’ve added the Nutanix VirtllO 1.1.5 to our server image but the installation errors out with missing storage drivers.  Where could I get the missing storage drivers? Nutanix 5.10.9 LTS

7 replies

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Hi Dennis, If you can show screenshot here for error? That should help us answer you.


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We are trying to setup a new VM and using our server image.  We injected the Nutanix-VirtIO-1.1.5 drivers to our server image already.  However, we are getting a imaging error saying "possible missing storage driver". 


Boot from the mounted ISO

Windows Deployment Toolkit start

Run Wizard

Select Task Sequence

Installation Process Starts

Operating System Deployment did not complete Successfully 18 errors and 6 warnings

Disk (0) was not found. Unable to continue

Possible Cause: Missing Storage Driver

Failure (7711) OSDDiskIndex (0) can not be found!

Lifetouch deployment failed: Return Code =-2147467259 0x80004005

Disk(0) was not found.  Unable to continue

Possible Cause: Missing Storage Driver




Are there any other nutanix specific drivers that need to be added?  or does the Nutanix-VirtIO-1.1.5 contain all required drivers for the AHV?

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Please open support case. I could not find much information and this might require extra troubleshooting to fix issue.

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To add info

+ The differences between VirtIO 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 are only as below.
-- Windows Server 2019 drivers (Balloon,Network,RNG,SCSI Passthrough and Serial) are added in x64 and x86.
-- Balloon driver of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 are updated.
+ To reduce Solutions datasize, Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, 2019 entries in x86 table are removed.


Ensure to follow

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Since I have to input the DELL hardware’s serial number, the case is going to DELL but it shouldn’t.  Looks like it’s just some drivers that are missing on the server image…..  Dell doesn’t have the drivers listed….

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Work with dell, they will open Nutanix case if required

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As you seem to be working with MDT/ADK/AIK have you also investigated DoubleDriver?

It has the ability to extract and apply drivers in the post WinXP world.  Typically we collect our drivers from original source but there are times when…  In these cases we use DD to extract and MDT Driver collections based on model.  I know in the Virtual World this process is a bit different...

Good luck...