RE-IP and add VLAN to CVM and AHV

  • 23 June 2021
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HI all, 

I'm preparing a change on the cluster (6 node cluster running AHV). I need to re-ip cvm's and ahv's and add them to a specific vlan (now they are not in a vlan). 

Before I do this in production I decided to do this on the test lab. (old baby, 4 node G5). 

I've followed this guide: but got stuck step 7 after booting the cvm's. 

The ouput of svmips shows the old cvm ip's but they are all booted with the new ones. (and accessible via ssh on the new ip's)

The output of hostips shows the old ahv ip's byt the are all booted with the new ones. (and accassible via ssh on the new ip's). 

I must also say that the external_ip_reconfig script hangs at a specific time and now the command “cluster start” gives an error the the cluster is still in reconfigure mode. 

Anyone here who has the golden tip to get the command svmips and hostips to show the correct ip's? (zk_server_config_file also had the correct ips)
And how to get the cluster out of reconfigure mode? (rm ~/.cluster_sync_configured doesnt work)


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Oke fixxed it. 

I re-foundationedthe test cluster and tried to re-ip and re-vlan the cluster. 


The thing is that the script: external_ip_reconfigure has a wait time of 180 seconds in it. Total runtime of the script (with my demo environment) was 8 minutes.

So when the script is running you can get the status by start another ssh session to the cvm and cat /home/nutanix/data/logs/ip_reconfig.log

Would be nice if that specific script gives more output when it is running ;)