Protection Domain Warnings

  • 20 August 2015
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I have three protection domains, all containing VM's. All three have schedules set and I can see that local snapshots are being made. I have restored machines with no issues. All seems well, but I am getting "Backup Schedule" health warnings on all three PD's.

Causes of failureNo backup schedule exists for protection domain protecting some entities.
Backup schedule exists for protection domain not protecting any entity.

Neither of the above suggestions is true. I can't seem to get this one to resolve. Is this a bug or is there something here I am missing?

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7 replies

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Did you configured your remote site for backup ? or for DR ?

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What version of NOS is your cluster running? That's a known bug in NCC 2.0 which was shipped with 4.1.3. Upgrading to NCC 2.0.1 and NOS 4.1.4 should resolve the issue for you.
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Yep, I'm on the older versions. I'll do an update and let you know what happens.
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Any update on how things went - would be great to hear

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Yes! So sorry, I should have responded. The upgrade resolved the problem. Thanks!
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Awesome, Thanks 

BTW - do you have a blog? Do you blog about Nutanix - would like to profile it on Nutanix

Thanks 🙂
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No blog here.