Protection domain cannot be activated or migrated

  • 5 October 2016
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Good day Nutants
I got a situation that I'd really appreciate your help in resolving
After successfully migrating a PD to a remote site and successfully powering on the VM at the remote site, when I attempt to Migrate the PD back to the Main(Prod) Site it fails with error :
critical Protection Domain XXXXXXX activate/deactivate failed and cause is listed as "Protection domain cannot be activated or migrated"

Any pointers??

This PD has one CG with one VM in it (WIN SERVER 2012 with NGT installed and NGA service is running)

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5 replies

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What versions are the clusters running?
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I see you work for Lenovo, is it possible for you to open a case for your HX box with Nutanix support? Not sure which BU you are in, but you may have to open a case with Lenovo support first, then they can loop in Nutanix support.

Also, side note, we did just release both 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 relatively recently with all sorts of fixes. Dont know offhand if this issue if fixed there, but might be worth trying out 4.7.2 if these are clusters you can upgrade on demand.
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I figured out the issue..the was no container mapping from the remote site to the main site to migrate the VM to. Once the mapping was designed it worked!
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ok great, glad to hear it. Don't shy away from upgrading to 4.7.2 anyways, its all goodness stuffed in there.