Passenger upgrade made prism fail

  • 15 June 2016
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I upgraded passenger to the latest version, and now I get an error. Here is the screenshot.

What is the fix?

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6 replies

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you did what, where, and why, specifically?
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I clicked on the gear in prism, and selected upgrade, there was an upgrade for passenger, so i clicked on the download button, when it was done, I clicked up upgrade.

The reason "why" I upgraded was because prism provides an interface up upgrade/update various nutanix componants, and I since there was an update for passenger, I though that today would be a good time for me to run it.
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When you say "made Prism fail", does it mean you can no longer access the Web Console?
If so, please open a support case.
Otherwise, could you provide us with a screenshot of the upgrade window?We do not have phusion passenger on our toolchain.

Thank you
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Submit a support ticket please, and we'll get to the bottom of this.

We'd love to get on a webex and figure this out, as we don't use Passenger in our product, so we're not sure how you got to where you are.
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I have to apologize. I mistook passenger for NCC, because I have been too deep in ruby on rails lately.

It turns out, at the time I was upgrading NCC, I also turned on an old ruby on rails old dev machine, that occupied the same IP as prism.
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No worries - glad it turned out simply. However, there are a bunch of Nutanix engineers on the edge of their seats who are going to be really disappointed it wasn't a colossal head-scratcher!


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