One-Click NOS Upgrade

  • 5 March 2015
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Hello -

Trying to upgrade via one-click upgrade in Prism from to 4.0.3. Even though I have "Enable Automatic Download" enabled it does not show 4.0.3 as "available compatible version." However, I have another identical cluster which shows 4.0.3 as available.

Anything I am missing to make sure Prism auto downloads the latest NOS from Nutanix?


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6 replies

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Hi @rvillarin

Thanks for the question, @DonnieBrasco @dlink7 can you folks add anything on this topic?

Thanks guys 🙂
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Hi,Could you check if the DNS has been set in this Prism web console?Check under the gear icon on Prism --> Name Servers --> Put a DNS entry here.Also, the 4.0.3 NOS version may have been taken down temporarily as per the field advisory# 30 (refer link below):, you might want to wait for sometime till we release a newer version or get the existing versions back up on our NOS download list.The identical cluster you have may have had the available compatible version item populated before the NOS 4.0.3 was temporarily taken off the downloads section.
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thanks cbadami
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We did check DNS in Prism and both had the same entry.

We checked with our TRM and SE and my understanding was 4.1.x versions were pulled off of the downloads site due to some bugs, but if they pulled 4.0.3 as well then it makes perfect sense as to why one of the clusters didn't have 4.0.3 on the list as I had only checked the "auto download" yesterday.

Thanks all for the responses.
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Thanks for the confirmation @rvillarin !
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I did have this same issue and it was in fact a missing DNS entry. Once I resolved the issue by putting in the name server, how can I get prism to check for the available updates? There doesn't seem to be any way to force a check.