NX-1175S-G6 New setup unable to pass foundation stage

  • 1 November 2019
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Hi everyone,


I have an issue with a newly purchased NX-1175S-G6 that need to deploy at the EU environment.

The system doesn’t allow to raise a case to the support portal.

The installation just can’t seems to pass through the foundation stage.

The latest place it stuck is at the screenshot. That is still just a small part. Before this when I try to put in VLAN to setup, it just can’t get through it.


Anyone can guide me to a correct direction? Thanks


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4 replies

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Hello @andylim 

You can go through the Field Installation Guide again to make sure all the best practises are followed.
If the issue is still unresolved, I’d advise you to note down the Node Serial Number and download the log bundle and call Nutanix Support. 

Nutanix Support will help you create a case and if you’re not registered in the support portal, they will help you to get registered.

Hope this helps! 
Keep us updated

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Hi @HITESH0801 

I’ve called the Nutanix Support. Thank you.

I’ve followed the Field Installation Guide and tried for past 2 days but still unable to get it work, that’s why had to seek help hoping to find some lights. Previously I did some upgrade and had issue that Nutanix support had to remote in to perform another type of upgrading.

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It's really nice to hear that you went through the whole upgrade guide and tried for 2 days and when you felt there’s no escape you reached out to Support, shows the dedication.

Keep us updated regarding the resolution. 

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Finally 3rd day it’s up.

Have no idea too even after contacting support.

But after changing IP addresses, it works. I’ve did a few times of changing IP addresses but it didn’t help till after I contacted support.