Nutanix Installation with different network ports speed

  • 1 August 2020
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Hello Everybody,

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I want to install Nutanix using Foundation.

I have 3 Lenovo nodes and one Cisco 2960X switch that consists of 24 x 1 Gig RJ45 ports and 04 x 1 Gig SFP ports.

Unlike Supermicro nodes, Lenovo nodes do not have Shared IPMI ports.

So, for each Lenovo node, I have to connect 01 x 10 Gig port and 01 GbE IPMI Port to the same CISCO 2960X switch (10 Gig ports of the nodes connected to 1 Gig SFP ports of the switch and 1Gig IPMI ports to the 1 Gig RJ45 ports ).

Please take a look of the picture below…

Since 10 Gig ports of the nodes are connected to 1Gig ports of the switch, I wonder if this architecture can allow me to install nutanix and create the cluster without any issues ?


Thanks in advance.

9 replies

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DO you have 10G to 1G QSA Adapter to convert your 10G to 1G to maintain uniform speed at both end, you cant have different speed at both ends

If you have QSA apadter already in place then you will not need to worry  and Its not necessary to have Shared port. 

Its recommended to have 10G port in Data port connectivity but still you can buildup your cluster with 1G

Hello Paul,

Thanks for you reply.

To be more accurate, I am talking about the initial configuration of the nutanix cluster which is done using Foundation...

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share me  10G adapter and 1G adapter model now 

Hello Paul,

Node model : Lenovo ThinkAgile HX2321

10 Gig adapter : ThinkSystem 10 Gb 2 ports SFP+ LOM

1 Gig adapter : IPMI 1G RJ45

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QSA adapter can help you to sort out your problem , You can convert 10G to 1 G

Refer here,,mechanical%20port%20is%204%2Dchannels.


I strongly suggest you to reach out the maker for any compatibility check before make a purchase 

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Hi Ange,

Pls try this link for better understanding 

Hi, good idea to buy MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN 4х10GbE sfp+ only for 140$

40Gbit full speed.

The write speed in the cluster will increase significantly, on 1G no more than 160Mb / s

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QSA Adapter will cost you 50$


1GbE for nutanix node, it's very low speed.